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A Christmas To Remember (22 minutes)

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Christmas Markets in Prague - Prague Christmas Markets 2009

Worldwide Christmas Traditions

Christmas Around The World

Christmas season celebrations in Australia - Australia's Culture Portal

Christmas Traditions - 2008

Christmas Traditions Around the World at Santa's Net.

Christmas with Virtual Finland

The whats and whys to Christmas traditions in England, Britain, UK

Christmas In British Isles

Many of our current American ideals about the way Christmas ought to be derive from the English Victorian Christmas, such as that described in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The caroling, the gifts, the feast, and the wishing of good cheer to all - these ingredients came together to create that special Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas in Norway

These pages should give you a flavor of a Norwegian Christmas. We have had close to half a million visitors since we first published it in 1997.

Christmas Traditions around the world. Santa's Net. How Christmas is celebrated in different countries.

Christmas Trees and More-Traditions Around the World

The Norway Spruce is the traditional species used to decorate homes in Britain. The Norway Spruce was a native species in the British Isles before the last Ice Age and was reintroduced there before the 1500's

Christmas-Yule in Iceland

Welcome to Iceland and the Yule Traditions and Yule Lore found here. On these pages you will find some information about Yule traditions in ancient and modern times.

Christmas in Iceland

One major difference between Christmas in Iceland and in the U.S. is that Icelanders celebrate on Christmas Eve. The family gets together in the evening and that is when presents are exchanged. During the following two days everyone goes to Christmas parties and meets with grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.



Christmas in Sweden

In Sweden, the celebration of Christmas lasts almost two months. The fun begins with Advent. Each Sunday before Christmas a candle is lit on an advent wreath made of a stick that is decorated with white lichen and paper-mache mushrooms or red berries.

Christmas in Hawai'i

There is a saying here, that if Hawai`i wants you to stay it will hold on to you. Though you scatter to the four winds, it will always call you back.
For all of you who are hearing the call,
this site is for you.

Ukrainian Christmas Traditions

Polish Christmas Traditions Homepage

Puerto Rican Christmas Traditions

Significance of Christmas traditions - Tree, Santa Claus, Gifts, Star.

Irish Christmas Traditions

Medieval Christmas Traditions

Mexican Traditions for Christmas

Old Polish Christmas Traditions



Christmas traditions

Every country seems to have a different way of celebrating Christmas. Each one has special traditional Christmas foods, special Christmas traditions and customs, different ways of giving gifts, and Father Christmas or Santa Claus has many different names.

Symbols, Customs, Traditions of Christmas - Christmas Tree, Xmas, Poinsettias, Candy Cane, Holly, Santa Claus

The idea to celebrate Christmas on December 25 originated in the 4th century. The Catholic Church wanted to eclipse the festivities of a rival pagan religion that threatened Christianity's existence. The Romans celebrated the birthday of their sun god, Mithras during this time of year. Although it was not popular, or even proper, to celebrate people's birthdays in those times, church leaders decided that in order to compete with the pagan celebration they would themselves order a festival in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the actual season of Jesus' birth is thought to be in the spring, the date of December 25 was chosen as the official birthday celebration as Christ's Mass so that it would compete head on with the rival pagan celebration. Christmas was slow to catch on in America. The early colonists considered it a pagan ritual. The celebration of Christmas was even banned by law in Massachusetts in colonial days.

Domestic-Church.Com- Articles- Christmas Traditions, Part One

The other day, while preparing dinner, I listened to two announcers on the radio puzzling over the words in some old Christmas carols. "What's figgy pudding?" one asked. "And bells on Bob's tail ring - who's Bob?' commented the other. Of course, they were trying to be humorous, but I think their ignorance and confusion worked as humour because many people do not know the origins of Christmas carols, or the meaning and origins of many of our Christmas customs.

Christmas - Happy Holidays - Christmas Traditions


Wallpaper And Desktop


Polish Christmas Traditions Homepage -

Welcome to a virtual ethnographic museum of Polish Christmas Traditions. This site presents music, folk arts, sacred arts, religious customs, foodways, ethnic history, links and online reference guide.
Merry Christmas! Wesolych Swiat!

Origin of Christmas Traditions

Polish Art Center - Polish Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions - Christmas Magazine

Christmas Traditions & Trivia A-F

Christmas traditions and how they got started

Christmas Traditions Christianity

Christmas Traditions in Hungary

Christmas Traditions in Hungary2

21 Family Traditions for Christmas

Christmas Celebrations, Traditions and Kids Activities



Christmas Facts & Traditions Around the World

Christmas in Ireland Irish Christmas Traditions

Christmas Around the World 

Christmas is one of the few holidays that is celebrated worldwide with as many traditions as there are countries. Whether the symbols of Christmas are the Yule Log, singing carols, or Hoteiosho, the spirit rarely changes: The Spirit of Peace, Giving, and Good Will towards everyone.

Christmas Around The World 2  

Christmas Traditions 

The other day, while preparing dinner, I listened to two announcers on the radio puzzling over the words in some old Christmas carols. "What's figgy pudding?" one asked. "And bells on Bob's tail ring - who's Bob?' commented the other. Of course, they were trying to be humourous, but I think their ignorance and confusion worked as humour because many people do not know the origins of Christmas carols, or the meaning and origins of many of our Christmas customs

Christmas Traditions in Canada and France

This imaginary exhibition introduces the Christmas traditions in Canada and France. Christmas is indeed one of the most celebrated festivity. From every corner of the world, the Nativity feast is marked by various celebrations. Canada and France offer you a summary of the diverse Christmas traditions. Three differents aspects are presented : social and communal customs , family celebrations and religious ceremonies. 



A bit of swedish christmas traditions

Ukraine and Ukrainian Christmas at BRAMA

Christmas Traditions, Significance of Christmas, Christmas Rituals, Christmas Culture, Traditions related to Christmas, Tradition of Christmas in India, Xmas Tradition

There are many Christmas traditions that have evolved over the years. ChristmasCarnivals invite you to learn more about where these holiday traditions began by exploring the Christmas Traditions. So whether it is Christmas tree, mistletoe or Santa Claus, this is the place to know about each of them and how are they rooted deep in our past.

Christmas in Ireland- Irish Christmas Traditions

Teachernet, Christmas tradtions

Forget mince pies, tinsel and Santa Claus what about men dressed as women, mischievous goblins, and gift-bearing camels? Amid the TV soaps and consumerism, it's vital that children are reminded of the Christian origins of Christmas. Looking at the historical perspective and Christmas celebrations around the world can add fresh insight.

Iceland's House of Christmas - The Store

Given that the Christmas festivities and preparations begin on the 1st of December and last until the 6th of January, we spend almost 10% of our lives celebrating Christmas.
That means nearly 8 years if we reach the age of 80.

Prince Edward Island Christmas



Ukraine and Ukrainian Christmas at BRAMA

Christmas Day is celebrated either on December 25 in accordance with the Roman Catholic tradition (Gregorian Calendar), or on January 7 which is traditionally the Orthodox or Eastern Rite (Julian Calendar) church holy day. Gregorian dates below are denoted by "G" and Julian dates by "J." See GLOSSARY for a translation of this holiday wish. 

The German Way Christmas Page 

Although we usually take today's Christmas celebration customs for granted, most of the so-called "traditional" Christmas practices only date back to the 19th century. 


Christmas around the world.

Slovaks and Christmas traditions - an overview

Ten Christmas Traditions in Germany

the origin of some christmas traditions

Christmas Traditions to try and enjoy!



Pennsylvania German Christmas Traditions

Hispanic Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions  --  Kathy Capoccia

Myths and Lore of Mistletoe

Nathaniel and Dillon's Merry Christmas Adventure! (Dog Xmas)

Christmas History, Traditions and Folklore


Victorian Scenes


Christmas Trees and More-Traditions

DCS Christmas Traditions from Many Countries

Family Christmas Traditions

Holiday Insights Christmas Traditions and about Christmas

holiday traditions-Spain - Holland Denmark connection Christmas traditions

Christmas Traditions in Russia.

Christmas traditions in the U.K.



History of Christmas Traditions from Christmas Corner

Christmas Traditions of England, Britian, UK

The Traditions of Christmas

The term "Xmas" instead of "Christmas" is Greek in origin. The word for "Christ" in Greek is "Xristos." during the Sixteenth Century, Europeans began using the first initial of Christ's name...the "X" of "Xristos" place of the word "Christ" as a shorthand version of the word "Christmas." Although early Christians understood that the "X" was simply another form for the name of Jesus Christ, later Christians, who had no knowledge of the Greek language, mistook "Xmas" as a sign of disrespect. Eventually, however, "Xmas" came to be both an accepted and suitable alternative to the word "Christmas."

A Thoroughly English Christmas

History Channel - Christmas

DALnetizen - Christmas in the USA

Christmas Traditions in Ukraine.



Christmas Traditions of Old

Christmas Traditions That Last

Christmas Traditions Their History and Significance


Christmas Links - Traditions and History

Christmas Meanings Christmas Traditions with Eeyore

Christmas Theme Page

Christmas Traditions - Christian History

Christmas in Poland

Customs to ensure a betrothal or good harvest were a major part of rural Polish Christmas time traditions.



Symbols of Christmas

A Christmas Home Coming, American Christmas traditions, facts and history

Christmas Traditions and Decoration Around The World

Christmas Traditions & Trivia G-Q

Christmas in Slovakia

Christmas in the
Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition

Christmas traditions & customs round the world. How different countries celebrate Christmas.

It is interesting to see how different countries celebrate Christmas. We asked some of our friends to explain what happens in their countries. 
This is what they told us: 


Christmas Video's


Christmas Traditions Of The Ukraine

When Ukraine under King Volodymyr (St. Vladimir) accepted Christianity from Byzantium in 988 A.D. many pagan traditions were in existence which were adapted by the Church to the new religion. Some of those traditions have survived a thousand years and now form a part of today s Christmas celebrations. 


We've chosen a few examples of delicious dishes you might find across the ocean this holiday season. Wherever possible, we've included recipes and information from both our Epicurious Recipe File and external sources. 

FINFO Christmas in Finland

Christmas in Finland is not just Christmas Eve and the two days that follow. It is preceded by a lengthy and cheerful period of busy preparation. For the Church, Christmas begins with the first Sunday in Advent, but long before this, as early as October, countless associations have already set about getting into the holiday spirit.


Traditional Christmas Winter Scenes


World Christmas Traditions

We all know how the people of the United States celebrate Christmas. Do you know how people of the world celebrate this festivity? My name is Isa, and I am one of Santa's helpers. He has asked me to help you learn of the many different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world. Of course here in the United States we have many different cultures living in the same neighborhoods. It is possible that some of you already follow some of the traditions I will be telling you of and that is fantastic. So shall we get started?

Santa's Net Christmas Traditions around the world. How Christmas is celebrated in different countries



christmas traditions in spain and latinamerica, tradiciones de navidad en espana y latinoamerica, om personal, ingles gratis on line


How to Preserve Polish Christmas Traditions -

Christmas Celebration in Germany

The Traditional Czech Christmas

The winter holidays, which climax with Christmas Eve, begin with the season of Advent, which is actually a period of preparation for the Christmas holidays. 

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